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Events such as droughts, floods and storms are often terrible experiences for those affected: they cause great loss of life, destroy countless livelihoods and leave millions of people devastated.

At PACIDA, we believe that every individual deserves clean water and proper hygiene and sanitation information. Our community-based approach gives us deep roots in the community. A growing body of evidence indicates that access to safe drinking-water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services has an important positive impact on nutrition.

For the Water Supply Development component objectives to be achieved, PACIDA embraces the below strategies;
1.    Community organization and empowerment to effectively and responsibly utilize resources
2.    Establishment of water supply systems (underground/surface water sources)
3.    Introduction of appropriate technology for water harvesting and storage
4.    Establishment of value adding linkages with like-minded organizations
5.    Networking and collaboration with other stakeholders
6.    Community participation in project cycle to enhance ownership

The Sanitation and Hygiene component aims at reducing the prevalence of water related diseases among households through promotion of requisite sanitation services, practices and information. PACIDA continues to conduct hygiene and sanitation promotion sessions for both schools and communities.

In Laisamis,   PACIDA works in Loglogo, Laisamis, Merille, Nairibi, Lontolio, Ndikir, Lekuchula, Lependera, Ngurnit, Soito, Korr and Baalah while in Chalbi, our hygiene promotion sessions are conducted in Hurri Hills, Forole, Maikona, Kalacha, Turbi and Bubisa.  PACIDA believes that sustainable well-being is impossible without sustainable, equitable access to clean water, dignified sanitation and appropriate hygiene behaviors.